The Blockchain Society Conference with Regan McGee, Anthony Lacavera & Michele Romanow

On May 31st The Blockchain Society together with TenX Ventures, Nobul, Globalive Media,  DLT Labs, CEO Global Network, Epic Blockchain, MLG, BDC, Miller Thomson, Shyft, CryptoCanucks  and Jagger hosted a special, executives only conference for corporate and entrepreneurial thought leaders at KPMG.


With more than 185 tickets sold, the conference was a full house.  Blockchain executives, investors and enterprise gathered for deal making and productive discussions about blockchain technology, its potential and impact on different industries.


The conference was held at KPMG office in downtown Toronto and kicked off with coffee and deal making. One of the rooms was used as an Exhibitors and Deal Making lounge where attendees could meet exhibitors or discuss transactions with other conference attendees.

Bill Hennessey, founder & CEO of the Entrepreneurship / Blockchain / Cannabis Society welcomed everyone with opening remarks.  He also announced the international expansion of the Blockchain Society. 


With a mission to grow the biggest Blockchain deal-making community, TBS will now host international business conferences in New York, San Francisco, Berlin to mention a few. Upcoming conferences will take place on July 25 at PwC Toronto, Sept 11 at CDL Toronto  and Sept 21 at Dentons New York .

Bruce Silcoff of Shyft joined Loudon Owen of DLT Labs for the first panel  discussion, moderated by Phil Long. The discussion covered security, global nature of blockchain vs. local regulations and token offerings.

Loudon Owen is co-Founder, Chair and CEO of DLT Labs, a global leader in distributed data management and enterprise solutions using blockchain technology. DLT Labs has the world’s largest team of blockchain architects, designers and integrators and a full suite of secure and scalable blockchain products for data and digital asset provenance, storage, management and exchange.

Bruce Silcoff is CEO of Shyft Network. Shyft is disrupting the broken way our world thinks about and manages digital identity. Shyft is a modern, secure Blockchain-based ecosystem solution that enables KYC/AML attested data transfers between those who own the data and those who use it.


The panelists expressed concern over tension between the stability of a widely distributed public blockchains with nodes holding all data, and private blockchains with fewer but trusted nodes holding data. The three also shared insights on how blockchain technology &  applications built on blockchain could be protected from the biggest vulnerability, humans.

Phil Long who is a partner at the law firm Miller Thomson LLP, practicing corporate and securities law with a focus on technology and blockchain businesses, elaborated more on how global blockchain platforms comply with local regulations.

Anthony Lacavera, the Chairman and CEO of Globalive Technology, then took over the stage to share his story on going from the $1.6 Billion exit of Wind Mobile to Blockchain.

As Chairman and Founder of Globalive Capital, Anthony is best known for founding WIND Mobile in 2007, which became Canada's fourth-largest wireless carrier before being sold in 2015 to Shaw Communications for $1.6 Billion. Founding partners Globalive Capital, the founders of Mundo Inc. and VRG Capital today announced the launch of Globalive Technology in January 2018, a new company focused on disrupting traditional industries by solving real-world problems with blockchain technology.


“To date, blockchain has surfaced predominantly in finance, supply-chain and logistics. However, its applications will transcend our entire economy.”

Michael H. Conn of Ether Capital explained why they are sticking to Ethereum.

Michael is the CEO and a Director of Ether Capital. He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Quail Creek Partners, an advisory and consulting business focused on the global financial services and financial technology space.


Ether Capital’s objective is to become the central business and investment hub for the Ethereum ecosystem and the bridge between the Financial Industry and the Ethereum community.”

Michael described Ethereum platform as a world computer, with every computer on the network running its own local copy of the world computer and said he believes Ethereum will have a profound impact across a wide range of industries.

Peter McCullagh of TenX Ventures continued the conference by bringing up how Blockchain and Cannabis Industry create  promising opportunities.

Peter has over 35 years’ experience as a successful entrepreneur, business executive and thought leader. Prior to founding TenX Ventures, he spent ~ 10 years growing and helping to sell 3 companies: Mysis plc which was sold in two parts for $3.2B, Siebel Systems Inc., sold to Oracle for $5.9B, and e-Chemicals Inc., which was sold to Aspen Technology.

McCullagh said that Blockchain will change our life even more than Internet, Smartphones or Social Media.


“Every company will be a blockchain company.”

He sees huge opportunities in mixing Blockchain with Cannabis Industry and hinted that there is a window of time for Canada to become a dominant player.


Michele Romanow , who is youngest ever entrepreneur to join CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den, the co-founder of e-commerce platforms and SnapSaves (acquired by Groupon) then took over the stage to talk about her current venture Clearbanc.

Clearbanc is a leading small business capital provider building a decentralized bond marketplace on the blockchain.

Michele thinks fintech is going through disruption with more changes to come in the near future and that being one of the reasons why she wanted Clearbanc to help make it easier for entrepreneurs to get capital.

Regan McGee of Nobul joined Phil Long of Miller Thomson for a fireside chat. Regan shared how Nobul is disrupting the Real Estate Industry with Blockchain technology.


“The real estate model hasn’t changed for over a century. Nobul is revolutionizing the industry for the better by providing digital solutions to common challenges. Nobul is real estate for everyone.”

Nobul is putting control into the hands of buyers, sellers, and agents with a revolutionary customer-focused online real estate marketplace. With the technology now available, consumers’ needs and expectations have changed, yet a trusted agent remains a vital part of the real estate process. Nobul provides a marketplace for real estate transactions to be more transparent and more affordable for buyers and sellers, while giving good agents an opportunity to increase their volume of business, prove their reputation, and take home more pay through higher volume.


The conference came to an end with an Enterprise Blockchain Infrastructure panel discussion including Scott Howard of Epic Blockchain, Kesem Frank of Aion and Eric So of Globalive Tech.

Kesem Frank, Aion Co-Founder is a technology strategy expert specializing in blockchain powered enterprise architecture. Kesem co-founded Nuco, one of the earliest enterprise blockchain platforms and a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. In his capacity as COO, Kesem led multiple projects, positioning blockchain at the core of future business platforms for Fortune-1000 companies.

Scott Howard is an enterprise and startup technology deal maker. Scott partners with world-class engineers to solve complex business and technology challenges generating customer success. As co-founder, CEO of ePIC Blockchain and partner in BlockX Labs, Scott is committed to building the underlying processing power of blockchains as well as the value-creating applications.

Scott believes Blockchain is a new category of technology, trustware, the merger of hardware & software into a system of trust.

He shared tips on best practices in enterprise blockchain adoption and how would an enterprise achieve entrust in the shared state system.

What are the biggest challenges for wide enterprise adoption of blockchain?

Here’s what Kesem had to say :

  • Lack of scalability and connectivity

  • Lack of simple deployment

  • Lack of simple tools for consortium coordination

    When asked about best practices to host and manage private nodes, Kesem said there are several options in general, but most importantly - choosing a platform that provides you with proper support.

“In terms of hosting you can go with a full Cloud model (we are working with Microsoft on this) or an appliance approach if your company is still skeptical about going full out on cloud, what’s important is that you have everything in one single package. Having just a blockchain and having to maintain different versions of a data base, underlying blockchain, separately can be complicated.”


The event wrapped up with deal-making session, networking and video interviews.

Stay tuned for our upcoming local & international Blockchain conferences:

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San Francisco Conference – coming soon

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