TES x L4 Ventures: Twitter’s Approach to Blockchain @ Twitter Canada (Part I)

Last week, we teamed up with L4 Ventures on the first of four TES events that will focus on Ethereum and blockchain technology. With this event series, our goal is simple: curate experiences that break through the cryptocurrency hype by bringing founders, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts straight to the source.



Ethereum and the Enterprise

Hosted at Twitter Canada, the first hour of the evening was dedicated to an intimate roundtable session with Ethan Wilding and Josh Stark, co-founders of L4 Ventures. Around the table were executives, product managers, business developers, founders, journalists, and heads of marketing hailing from the likes of TWG, Facebook, RBC, and of course, Twitter — all eager to increase their understanding of blockchain technology and its potential applications.

“Twitter is the main place for conversation around new and emerging tech which makes it the natural place for crypto discussions. We are fortunate to have a space where we can bring the community together around a topic.”
– Kevin Callaghan, Head of Business Development at Twitter Canada.

Ethan and Josh began the evening with their own story. While they each have vastly different backgrounds — Ethan was a philosophy professor at the University of Waterloo where he co-founded Ethereum alongside Vitalik Buterin, and Josh decided to leave his job as a corporate lawyer for something more — their work ultimately led them to Ledger Labs, and appropriately, to the founding of L4.

The open-ended discussion covered a range of themes — from the basics of blockchain and potential enterprise opportunities, to the principles around ‘forks’ in such a nascent platform and the merits and differences between proof-of-work and proof-of-stake as security measures.

All in all, one theme transcended the talk: that we are still in the early days of a potentially explosive technology. “It’s like if I were studying quantum mechanics in 1923,” said Ethan, “except now we know that the Internet is possible.”

“I think we’ll see an incredible increase in adoption rates and use cases as this tech matures. The future for blockchain – especially Ethereum public – is a lot more security, better scalability and privacy, and a lot less energy usage. These elements will be crucial in making the decentralized Web 3.0 vision a reality in the next 2-3 years, and L4 is excited to be leading that charge.”
– Ethan Wilding – Co-founder, L4 Ventures

The group learned that one of the most promising traits of Ethereum is that its blockchain is not just simple, but programmable. Where the Bitcoin blockchain is designed to do one thing very well, the Ethereum blockchain is designed with dynamic qualities that allow new systems to be built on top of it.

Aaron Ballantyne