Ethereum Workshop at TribalScale, Presented by CrypTO x The Blockchain Society

On April 10th, TribalScale hosted an Ethereum Workshop presented by CryptTO. Ethereum technology has become the go-to stack for deploying Decentralized Applications D’apps. In our seminar, we provided an introduction to Ethereum development using the Go Ethereum client.

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The Ethereum ecosystem has evolved so fast that, for convenience, most users and developers rely on intermediaries to interact with the Ethereum network. In our session, we pulled away the veil to explore how a network of clients running the Go Ethereum client (geth) form a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network in which Proof-of-Work miners compete to maintain the state of the ledger. Attendees learned how to use geth to create and back up the public/private keys which make up an Ethereum account. Attendees learned how to connect peers to one another to form a private Ethereum network, mine Ethers, and send transactions to one another. Finally, attendees deployed and interacted with a "hello world" Smart Contract within the private network.

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Marek Laskowski completed his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba in 2011 where Marek developed a data-driven evidence-based decision support system for healthcare based on emergent AI. Since then he has been studying the impact of public health intervention strategies within the Canadian population, sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. More recently, Marek teaches Data Science at the graduate level at the Schulich School of Business where he also co-founded the Blockchain (research) Lab. He is a leading researcher in the Blockchain space, is listed as Faculty on the Blockchain Research Institute website, and is a pioneer of “on-chain” analytics with high-fidelity Virtual and Augmented Reality visualization and knowledge translation. He is a consultant for Blockchain startups using Hyperledger and Ethereum, and has begun working with NIST on a blockchain standard for digital assets, as well as other efforts including cross-border business process standards with the United Nations CEFACT bureau. Marek’s research involves blockchain, decision support systems for healthcare delivery, and population modelling of public health interventions including vaccine effectiveness.

Aaron Ballantyne