The Blockchain Society Berlin Conference w Ocean Protocol, Brickmark, Xain, Arweave++

The Blockchain Society is hosted a special Leadership Conference exclusively for investors, regulators, corporate and blockchain thought leaders in partnership with Dentons at their offices in Berlin. It was an enriching experience travelling to Europe and learning about how the blockchain wave there has manifested itself into multiple different innovative and creative problem-solving solutions.

After introductory statements were made Zaki Manian, Executive Director at Trusted IoT Alliance, kicked things off with a keynote about ways in which his company is creating trustworthy, accessible, smart products using blockchain technology.


Following Zaki, Stephan Rind, Founder & CEO of Brickmark AG, made a keynote speech about the ways in which his company Brickmark is using blockchain innovation to disrupt the real estate industry.  He pledged to the audience that his company Brickmark would be selling real estate on planet Mars by 2030. 

Gonzalo Slik, Head of Investor Relations and Business Development at, made a keynote speech after Stephan about how Brickblock, a smart contract platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, allows users to buy tokenized shares of real-world assets with cryptocurrency.

A panel discussion about scaling challenges followed the keynote speeches, during which Simon Schwerin from XAIN AG, Sam Williams, CEO of Arweave, and Ricardo Garcia, business development manager at BigChainDB spoke about growing pains in the blockchain space.


Keith Baumwald, Founder of LEVERAG Consulting, then delivered a keynote address about the ways in which his boutique consulting firm is working with blockchain entrepreneurs to help them secure funding in the early start-up phases of business growth.

After a brief break Czhang Lin, Managing Director at Vakomtek S.A, Stephan Rind, and Gonzalo Slik sat on a panel moderated by Robert Michels from Dentons to discuss the complexities of security tokens.

Following the panel Don Gossen, Executive Director at BigchainDB and co-founder of Ocean Protocol, made a keynote speech about the ways his companies will grow and evolve in the blockchain space over the next five years. 

To conclude the conference Don Ho, Head of Business at Quantstamp, Ella Cullen, CMO at Minespider, and Anna George, Regional Manager Asia Pacific at Gnosis spoke on a panel moderated by Thomas Schubert from Dentons about marketing in the blockchain space.

Aaron Ballantyne